Sunday, August 2, 2015

5 Reasons why you should have a Planner

In my opinion, having a planner is important and really helpful to keep track of your agendas. I personally started using planners when I was fifteen years old. Although I didn't really consumed every page of it but it surely helped me in balancing my school works, family agendas, and hang outs with my friends. First and foremost, you should know your purpose first before getting a planner. Is it for school? for work? or whatever you might need it in. Here are great reasons why you should have a planner.

1. Keep track of your schedule
A planner will surely help you in tracking stuff that you have to do because it is listed on the particular date in your planner. Once you see it, you'll get onto it, right? For me, I admit that I'm not the best person to do time management because of excessive procrastination and of course, a professional slacker, I couldn't manage my time and I always pass requirements and it's always marked late. But now, I learned to use a planner, and every time I see something that I HAVE to do, I get onto it because I really feel obligated that I have to finish it and pass it on time.

2. Sort out your agendas
There's always an instance that you were invited by a friend to hang out or something but you forgot that you have a family reunion on the said date!! You wouldn't want to be a bad person to ditch your friend right? To avoid that, write it in your planner! Keeping track of your agendas will allow you to not have any other agenda on the same day, right? And it's really hard to choose between that. (I know. I've been in the same situation when I was younger.)

3. Help you be more organized
****When I was in high school, I was really burara or sloppy with my things. I always lose things and I tend not to care about them. But when I started to use a planner, I also got organized because I thought that being organized will help me study more effectively or something. At first I had to fake it because in high school, I wasn't really into studying and stuff. Though, there is an old saying that goes "fake it till you make it." and I actually did that and ayun haha

4. Get you motivated
Of course if you know that you did something that is written in your planner, you'll be fulfilled because you know to yourself that you did everything according to plan! If you know that this method worked for you, it will be best if you pursue it. Getting motivated to do more things will help you get productive. For me, it is kind of a training because when I was younger, I can't do 3 things on my to do list written on my planner. But now, I got kind of used to it and I can do like 8 or 9 things in my planner in one day.

5. You'll be more focused
If you're focused, you're most likely to succeed. And by this, you'll get more things done! If you get things done, you'll get good grades (in academic purposes), and if you get good grades, you'll graduate, and then if you graduate, you'll get a degree, and if you get a degree, you'll get a job, and if you do great in your job, you'll get promoted, and if you get promoted, you'll earn money, and if you earn money, you'll live.. It's just like a chain reaction. This is just my perspective of the future lol. But seriously. if you're focused, you'll do more that you think you could. ;)

So here is my planner. It's the Starbucks Planner 2015.

I have everything listed here. Even when I see my crush on that day, I'd most likely mark a star or a heart beside the date. HAHA.

I list here things that are important like a quiz, reporting, return demonstrations, etc. But of course, I also list here miscellaneous stuff.

In 2012, I started using a planner. This is the TotalGirl School Planner 2012-2013

It is actually divided in a school year. Most planners start on the month of January and end on December. But this planner started in June and ended in May

The next planner that I had was the Vans Planner 2013

I never actually used this that much. So instead, I doodled lyrics from one of my fave bands, The Beatles.

Then I tried collecting starbucks stickers in order for me to get the Starbucks 2014 Planner. I did it myself! I was so proud of me when I drank 18 coffee cups just to get that planner. hahaha meh

I used this like January-April and September-December. I did skip months because I did feel like I didn't do much on those months so I didn't bother to use my planner at all.

Having a planner made me change my perspective of school. As I've mentioned on other posts, I never really took school seriously when I was in high school. I love learning, but good lord I really hate school!! But now I'm in a nursing school, you're not really allowed to slack off or else, your grades will get low and stuff.. It's really hard to catch up if you missed something. Based on personal experience hehe :)

[Edit] I recently transferred to a new school. I'm currently studying Bachelor of Arts major in Fashion Design and Merchandising in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. I'm looking forward for the new challenges that I have to face here in CSB.

Peace out!


  1. I don't have a planner, maybe that's why my life is a mess hahaha

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