Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When boredom strikes at noon.

Hey peoples!

I've been extremely busy with our school works this week because it's already clearance signing and the exams are also done so.. Requirements nalang talaga kulang

Anyway.. We're actually starting to practice for our High School Graduation (yay with a mix of neigh. Well actually, we don't know how to feel about it.). It was really tiring(?) we had a 2 hour lunch break and we got a little productive.

and by productive,
I actually meant this :))

to the person on the 4th picture, we credit you! Haha.

Thanks to Chanel for her awesome editing! <3

Now I edited this. :) 

Since I loved his Biellmann for the longest time...
Okay okay.. Let's admit it.. His biellmann is Perf!

So instead of making our Thesis, me and Chanel got busier than ever! Haha
Please please forgive our inner awesomeness!

P.S. (June 2015) Medyo na-addict ako sa paglagay ng watermark hahaha.That time was like the season of people stealing photos without even crediting the owner. YA GET ME