Friday, August 26, 2016

How to be a Model

Hey friends! I don't know how to model. HAHA

So, the past few months.. A lot of my friends were encouraging me to become a model. I really don't know how or why but I decided to give it a try.

I've talked about it with my mom and she was very supportive when she knew that I took interest in giving it a try. On the night of August 18, I was just scrolling down my fb newsfeed until something catches my eye. It was the FAD School for Modeling facebook page.

I decided to check it out since I was really curious and into it. After reading their info on how to inquire, I sent them my basic information and the next morning, I received a text message from them saying something about a photoshoot and they even offered me scholarship for the basic modeling course! And I was like.. daaamn! I got perks haha!

So, I went to the photoshoot and my mother decided to enroll me in the course and now here I am!

I really need your help! Please cast your votes by:
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Voting ends September 25!! I would really appreciate for you to like my photo hehe

I know I've been MIA for like almost a year but your vote would really be appreciated! Thank you so much!!

both this post and the experience was very clutch.
i will be writing about my fad experience soon!