Sunday, May 11, 2014

Review: Careline Oil Control Pressed Powder

Hey Everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Careline Oil Control Pressed Powder. I have the refill one because I honestly don't like its real packaging and so I just stick with the refill one.

Nowadays, I've been wanting to explore local brands here in the Philippines. So I thought, why not start out with Careline.

I believe Careline is a sister company or a sub company (I'm not really sure) of Ever Bilena. And I think these Careline products are suitable for teens.

Well, since I'm a teen and stuff,
without further ado, let's get on with the review!

The Packaging (of the refill version) is just a cheap plastic case with a clear lid. Reminds me of the Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection 16 hour wear powder and the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder.

It has a little thing at the top so you can push out the pan to get it out of the plastic case, and I guess you can put it on a carry-on palette or put it in its own original packaging.

I got the shade in Tan since I think its the closest one to my skin tone. I'd actually get the other shades because the shades are just reaaaally close to each other. I couldn't even tell what's the difference of each shade.

The powder smells really nice.. I can't really describe the smell but it smells really good. Disclaimer though, if you are kinda picky with cosmetic smell, then this might be a bit pungent-smelling for you.

In terms of longevity and oil-controlling, the powder lasted on my face for about 4 hours. My face did oil up and tried re-applying it but didn't expand the longevity of the product. My face, after reapplying, had oiled up again just after about 3 hours .

**My apologies with the lighting, it was night.. so. ehe** Here's a little swatch of the powder. It's really blendable and not chalky at all.

"Careline Oil Control Face Powder Refill is especially formulated for teens to keep their skin shine-free and moisturized all day long. This light and natural looking powder has an oil control formula enriched with vitamin E."


Now, what I just don't understand, why put paraben stuff in products that are supposed to be meant for teens? I believe paraben stuff are bad for human health if constant use.

- Average variety of shade selection
- The smell is sooooo good. More like cake foundation smell
- It does control oil, therefore, mattifying the face.
- Not very chalky at all
- Has Vitamin E for achieving youthful skin
- Affordable for the price of Php 65.00 (price varies where you buy it. I bought mine at Robinson's department store.)

- The smell may be pungent for sensitive noses
- Not long lasting at all. It only lasted for 3-4 hours (but it claims a shine-free face all day long)
- Has paraben stuff
- Flimsy packaging (I didn't expect much since it's meant to be an affordable product)

That concludes my review of the Careline Oil Control Pressed Powder. Hope this was helpful. :)


  1. been using this before since it was so affordable. i switch din aftter some time because as youve said nga it isnt long lasting.

    Anyway!! I nominated you for the Liebster award! Go check it out here:

  2. We have a Careline pressed powder here and I'm thinking of using it. Thanks for this review.

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