Saturday, December 12, 2015

That Guy

This is something that I've wanted to talk about for quite a while now. A lot of guys say that they are nice guys and they finish last. Like "how come the girl I like doesn't like me back? She doesn't deserve my friendship. It's unfair." Well, if you'd look at it this way, it's a bad thought. Well for me, at least.

So, I have this friend who told me about his best friend who had the nice guy syndrome. Which sucks because I've heard a lot of good things about him but how come he refers to himself as the un-date-able guy? I must say, he's a great guy even though we;re just acquaintances or something. I've also heard a lot of stories about his devastating love life. I don't really understand why other girls that he liked, never seen him that "way" — by that "way", I meant seeing him as a potential boyfriend type of guy.

He doesn't know the feeling of someone actually liking him and developing feelings for him. It was so new to him. And because of that, he barely knows what to respond and how to react to these kinds of situations. Clueless enough, he went too far down and got dense. From all the friendzones and rejections he got from the past, I know it's hard to deal with something opposite happening from what he's used to. I hope I made sense.

Someone might actually like him. And who knows, it could be one of his friends. But since he got dense, he doesn't even notice. The little things that a girl does just to get him to notice her, foreshadowing or giving the hint to that guy "Hey, I like you." But still, it's like she's invisible to his eyes.

It's sooo sad to think about it though. It's like throwing a cupcake into a wind tunnel. I guess that guy is just too focused on someone and doesn't realize or acknowledge that there might be someone that actually likes him.

I don't know how to end this. lol

I just wanna say to those guys out there who are like "that guy", don't lose hope and everything will be alright. Try opening new perspectives and maybe it'll help you to realize things and maybe find out that someone actually likes you. Megan Batoon once said, "regardless of how much money you make or how much you have, as long as you're humble and modest, you can get any girl you want because that's not a quality that's taught."

Wow I think I'm on to something here. Haha! Well this is just something that has been wandering in my thoughts for a few months now. Ridiculously enough, I'm one of those girls who tries soooooo hard to get noticed by "that guy".


I guess that's all for now. Au revoir!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Univ. Diaries: First Year, Term 1

Woohoo! Term 1 is done! 10 more terms to go, I guess.

So far, my life in CSB has been reeeeaaally chill. I got perks now because I live near the school. Not like last year..

The grades are recently out and I am very happy with it. Although, it's not DL worthy, I'm still okay with it. I'll try for DL maybe in the following terms. Not to be nega, but there's nothing wrong with trying right? At least, I tried! :)

We have this thing called enlistment wherein you're gonna decide on the subjects that you wanna take for the next term. I only got 6 subjects which contain 18 units. It was very hard for me to do my schedule on the 2nd to the last day of pre-enrollment. Most of my subjects are night classes and some had conflicts on the time so I had to change it up.

Christmas break just started and now I don't know what to do with my life. Honestly, my only escape from boredom is school and since I have no school this December, Idk.. I'm so excited for Christmas and New Years. Especially for 2nd term.

I made good friends here in CSB and I reaaally reaaaally hope that even though our schedules are different now, we'd still hangout. The only downside to being an irregular is having no friends in class. :((
Anyway, I hope I can make it through Christmas break with boredom and stuff :((