Friday, December 5, 2014

Univ. Diaries: First year, First semester

Hey there people! I know its been eight months since I last posted an update because I've been really busy with school and everything. I never actually thought I'd be culture-shocked and to be honest, its really hard to adjust. But hey! I am starting this new series where I will share my thoughts and experiences every semester.

Now, I mentioned earlier that I was extremely culture shocked in a new learning environment. Since this is actually my first time transferring to a new school. All my life, I studied in Concordia College and typically, I got used to their systems. It was really hard for me to adjust like seriously. High school is definitely different from college.

I must say I really had a hard time adjusting myself for college. Of course, there are highs and lows through this. Personally, I slacked off and I'm really regretting what I did for this semester. I might have been a little bit complacent aaaaand I got bad grades because of that. Although, I was happy enough that I didn't have a failing mark (5.0) --- well.. I almost did but hehe I got som skillz and I eventually passed the subject --- but I'm very depressed because I don't know how I am going to pull up my grade for the next semester.

Wellp.. What I shared was really embarrassing for me. But neh I wanted to share my honest thoughts and experiences :D

The program that I took up is BS Nursing in University of Santo Tomas. Unlike the other colleges, we do not have summer breaks for the first year and second year. Because we have summer semester or what they call as the third term. For other colleges usually they only have first term and second term. For my program (and for Architecture & Interior Design), we have a cut off (2.00) wherein we are needed to get a general weighted average of 2.00 flat in order to proceed to second year. p.s. cut off is only for first year students

Overall, I really liked my stay here in UST so far. I learned my lessons and I'm definitely gonna do my best for the next semester. I just want to say that college is a really serious business. You should NEVER slack off because if you missed something, you'd have low grades because some professors do not give special homeworks or exams or activities (mostly applicable to engineering students) applicable to all colleges. It really just depends on the professor tho

That pretty much summed up my first semester on my first year in UST. I really hope this series could help you in some way or something.

Take Care!