Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mini Haul: Beauty and Fashion ♥ May 10 2014

Hey Everyone!

I just got back home from the mall to run some errands and shop for a Mother's day gift for my dearest mom. Before anything else, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there who loved and cared for us unconditionally.

To start off,
Beauty Products
I've been thinking of trying out the Careline cosmetics. So I bought some of their products.
Careline Pimple Concealer in the shade Oriental. Retails for Php90.00
When it comes to these kind of concealers that didn't have testers at the moment, I tried to ask the sales lady what my shade was and then she gave me the shade in Natural. So I took it and went on to look for some more to buy. As I was walking I noticed that it was waaaaaay too light for me so I had to eyeball my own shade and instead, got the shade Oriental. :)

Careline Oil Control Powder Refill in the shade Tan. Retails for Php65.00
Now, the sales lady got my shade right. This was by far, the closest one to my skintone. Other shades were really close to each other so I can't really tell the difference and others had pink undertones. But this Tan shade had the perfect yellow undertone.

Moving on to skincare, I only bought one product though
Celeteque DermoScience+ Moisturizer in Hydration. Retails for Php127.00
All my life, I've only been using stuff from UniLab (becauseimkindasponsoredinawaybutnevermind) and they came out with huge lines of products such as Hydration, Brightening, Sun Care, Acne Solutions, Advanced Anti-Aging, Restorative, and Maternity. I've heard that this is a really good moisturizer for oily skin like me because it's a water-based moisturizer. Also, this was raved by a lot of beauty bloggers in the community. 

Next up,
So far so good, I'm loving Cotton on. So as my Mom!
Thong Sandals in Animal Print. Retails for Php1200 (get 2 pairs for Php1200)

Thong Sandals in Black and White Stripes. Retails for Php1200 (get 2 pairs for Php1200)

Lately, I've been loving to sport thong sandals because... THEY JUST GO TOGETHER WITH EVERYTHING!!! And it makes me happy xD Well, I think you get the point.

So that consists my Mini Haul! Seriously, this is my first time to do a haul (in a blog way).

And lastly, something really awkward happened when I was on my way home... It's really awkward I can't even remember it. My Apologies :)


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